Reading instruction shouldn’t end when the period ends, especially for our dyslexic students who struggle to develop decoding and comprehension skills that are required in all content areas. During this session, participants will learn how to apply the science of reading to their math instruction in order to take advantage of the opportunities that math instruction offers to teach reading. In real life, math isn’t a worksheet full of equations, it involves language proficiency predicated on reading and vocabulary skills. While some dyslexic students have an affinity for math, especially on the conceptual level, some struggle with the language of math and often end up developing anxiety rather than developing confidence. Participants will learn how to bridge their reading instruction into math class by providing targeted fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension instruction that involves the language of math. The session will begin with an overview of math screeners such as Acadience Math Screener in order to learn how to measure students’ acquisition of foundational math skills. Participants will leave the workshop with strategies and resources they can immediately incorporate into their math lessons with their dyslexic students.

M's of Math: Mastery, Metacognition, Mindset, and Morphology